Finding the Destination for Your Wedding

Most weddings are held in a church with a reception held at the same location or somewhere near the venue. Add a little fun to your special day by having a destination wedding instead of one that is traditional. Keep in mind that a destination wedding takes a bit more planning and preparation, but it’s sometimes more exciting for the wedding party and your guests.

Choose the Location

Before you work on any of the other details, you need to choose a location for your wedding so that you can make hotel reservations and plans for transportation. You also need to look at the typical weather for the location to create a backup plan in case it rains, or the weather is too uncomfortable for your guests and the wedding party. If you’re looking at venues for weddings orland park il offers, consider the space available for a tent, tables, and parking when selecting a location.

Visit the Area

Take a trip to the areas you’re interested in holding your destination wedding. Look at the hotels and the places where guests can visit if they plan to stay for a few days. Try to find a few different places that you would like for a venue and a reception area, taking pictures of each location and meeting with the owners to talk about any discounts that are available as well as whether the location is open for the time you’re getting married. You should also organize a few different activities that guests can participate in as well as appointments with a florist, hair stylist, and other services that you and your wedding party will need for your wedding.

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All the Extras

Although there might be a few extras that you have to pay for regarding a destination wedding, you shouldn’t spend too much more money than you would for a traditional ceremony and reception. Create welcome bags or order bags that guests will have when they arrive at the hotel. Think about the airfare for your wedding party and guests who can’t drive to the destination. If you’re paying for activities that guests will enjoy, then you need to plan for the costs in your overall budget so that the prices don’t come as a surprise when you arrive at the location.

Find Your Vendors

Since your wedding is going to be in a location where you might not know a lot of the businesses or where there is more competition than what you’re accustomed to, you need to talk to numerous vendors about the services that you need. Talk to everyone from restaurant owners to photographers to those who will be responsible for making everyone look beautiful for your wedding. Make sure you get estimates for the services provided in writing as well as contact information for everyone who will be working on the details of your wedding. Contact the vendors you’re going to use a few weeks ahead of your wedding to ensure that everything is in place.

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